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We will continue to serve by

  • Delivering theologically-robust and research-tested workshops that fill in the biomedical and bioethical knowledge gaps of Muslim clinicians, patients, chaplains, and religious leaders.
  • Designing data-driven policy solutions, teaching tools, and programs that help healthcare systems become more accommodating of Muslim patient and clinician cultural and ethical values and needs.
  • Empowering our Muslim community through scholarly research, training, and consultancy programs.

In 2022, we will..

  • Sustain our organizational infrastructure, enhance our capabilities, & grow the team, needed for expanding and implementing our goals.
  • Develop quality, accessible and certified courses on Islamic bioethics, Muslim cultural competency, and research methods.
  • Translate our decade of research data and intervention programs into policy recommendations, decision aids, & educational resources.
  • Develop podcasts on critical issues at the intersection of Islam and biomedicine.

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